Acrylic Display Case

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Acrylic Display Case by Carat X3

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The Carat X3 acrylic display case will hold up to 3 standard poker sized decks of cards. 

You will find this beautifully created, smooth beveled display case quite versatile as it can be used to display and keep dust off your other collectibles such as: small fossils, minerals, gems, dice, currency, etc. 

The Carat X3 display case is made using 5mm acrylic sheets and has 6 neodymium magnets built-in to hold the lid securely.

It comes with two 3mm acrylic inserts to use as separators between decks of cards and 4 clear rubber pad furniture protectors.


Exterior - 8.55" W x 4.1" H x 1.26" D

Interior - 8.15" W x 3.7" H x .87" D

NOTE: Decks of cards and other collectibles are not included with this item.