Xin's Nobby Bauble - Sponsor 2 hours of learning 3D

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A $160 sponsorship will get you Xin's Nobby Bauble (virtual gem) in a random size, color, and glow!

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"Re-Tool the Art Team" is what we need to do to create the Erfworld books to come. Your $160 contribution will cover 2 hours of 3D modeling training for Xin and Lillian, conducted by Connor.

As a reward for sponsoring this much time, you will receive "Xin's Nobby Bauble" virtual collectible gem in your user account at For each donation you make by purchasing this item, you will receive a single Mine4Erf "spin" that is guaranteed to earn you a gem of this shape, in a random size, color, and glow level. 

Xin's concept for a gem design was Erfworld's original little gobwin mascot. "Nobby is my favorite!"

NOTE: 100% of funds collected will go to paying Xin and Lillian to learn 3D modeling in Autodesk Maya, and to Connor to teach them. Because this is a fundraising drive, you may not use Shmuckers to "purchase" this item.  These gems are not mineable. They will only be offered until the end of 2018. After that, gems of this shape can never be created again.