Shmuckers (10)

"Shmuckers" are the currency in Erfworld, and on the Erfworld website, too. Each Shmucker is worth 10 cents of credit in the Erfworld store. Buy them directly, and you can tip other users for their contributions!

  • $1.00
  • SKU

You can buy them here in increments of 10 for $1.00.

Your Shmucker balance is shown at the top of your screen just below your username, whenever you are logged in at

You can earn Shmuckers by: joining the Toolshed, submitting articles, comics, fan art or stories to the site, or other Erfworld fans may give them to you via the tip jar.

You can also send your Shmuckers to other users as you see fit, to let them know you like what they submitted or said in a comment or in the forums.

And if you've been eyeing that special gem for sale in the gem marketplace, you can use your shmuckers to buy that, too.

NOTE: Shmuckers can be spent on the purchase price of any item in our store, but they do not apply to tax or shipping & handling fees. Those must be paid in real dollars at the time of purchase.