Xin and Lillian are working hard to add 3D modeling to their art skills, so that the art in future books can get even better. (Not to mention faster and easier to draw!)

Joining the Art Team to help out is 3D modeling pro and instructor Connor Cercone. His Erf-work so far has been outstanding. He's a patient and knowledgable teacher, and we need him.

Because seriously, this is a beast to learn. I've been at it on and off for 18 months and I'm still a skreb.

Even for immensely talented 2D illustrators like Erfworld's got, learning to sculpt and shade objects in 3D is a completely new set of skills. It's not like learning a new graphics program, more like a French/English translator learning Arabic, or a professional bassist learning to play trumpet. Connor's course is weeks and weeks of intensive work.

And the fact is, we have to have this skill in house. Erfworld's going to need lots more 3D modeling in the future to tell the kind of epic-scale story it has become. Our illustrators should be our modelers. They're the vision-keepers, my collaborators. But they need time to focus on developing these new chops. So updates will slow down until they're up to speed, but I don't want that to cost them their income. This should be paid training.

That's where you can help. While Xin and Lillian are grinding through this course, we want to pay them a good hourly rate. (And of course pay Connor to teach.) From now through the end of the year (or as long as we need it), you can sponsor their training by "purchasing" the virtual collectibles below. Designing these items has been part of the learning process.

We'll be rolling out progress shots, and maybe a few new rewards here. So watch this space.

Thanks for hanging in there with us, everyone. The best art (and best story) of Erfworld is yet to come. -Rob

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